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June 28, 2016

Rachael's Stress Busting Tips on 'The Best of Hitchin'. Its all about Negative Thoughts this week...

Negative Thoughts

June 7, 2016


Has technology taken over your life? Does this impact your sleep or cause stress and anxiety? Cut down to calm down with the below tips…


CHECK – Do you find yourself checking emails or flicking through social media all the time? Maybe late at night? Does this impact y...

May 24, 2016


Feeling stressed? How much time do you devote to relaxing and enjoying your social time? Develop your work-life balance to combat stress.


BALANCE – Taking steps to create balance in your life can help reduce the effects of stress and pressure. Take the time to reflect...

May 17, 2016



Sometimes life can feel stressful and rather grey. Break the mental state by doing something a bit wacky and fun …


SAMENESS – A great article I just read states that “When you keep trying to apply the same solutions to old problems all you get is the same results. If...

April 26, 2016



Sometimes it can take a while to notice we are stressed. STOP stress in its tracks by learning to recognize the signs…


AWARENESS – Becoming aware that you are stressed is the first step in taking steps to STOP stress in its tracks. Learn to recognize the first signs...

March 22, 2016


If our basic needs are not being meet this can lead to a feeling of unhappiness or stress. Ask yourself these questions….


THE BASICS – We all have certain basic needs and when these are satisfied we feel more balanced in life. These needs include the need for security...

March 8, 2016



 It turns out that hugging is not only great for building relationships with those you trust, it can also help lower blood pressure and reduce stress.


THE SCIENCE – Hugging can feel great, can improve relationships and feelings of closeness and surprisingly it also h...

March 1, 2016



The past can’t be changed and the future hasn’t happened yet… By focusing on the present moment we can calm the mind and reduce our stress levels. BUT, what is this “Mindfulness” thing???


WHAT IS THIS MINDFULNESS THING? – It’s simple, it’s about becoming more aware o...

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Nighttime overthinking – can someone please invent an off switch!

25 Sep 2018

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