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Rachael’s Stress Busting Tips

So the week has now begun and there's SO many things to do and so little time. What should I do first? Feeling as though you have too much to do in a day can cause you to feel stressed. Try this tip to alleviate that feeling.

PLAN AHEAD - At the end of the day work out what is really essential for you to get done the next day and what can wait. Does it REALLY matter if you don’t get that tidying up or piece of work completed tomorrow?

REWARD YOURSELF - Go on to reward yourself for all that you have achieved in that day. The reward could be as simple as a bath or a chat with your best friend. Yes, even those small things make a difference.

Giving yourself a sense of ACHIEVEMENT and PLANNING your next day works brilliantly and you never know you might even find some time for you, to do the things you love…

Repeat each day for maximum benefit.

Stress Busting Tips brought to you by Rachael of DAWN Coaching & Therapy.

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