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Walking - Rachael’s Tuesday Stress Busting Tip

Could walks in nature be prescribed by doctors for stress reduction?

TENSION - Stress can cause all sorts of tensions in the body from tense shoulders and jaw to tension headaches and difficulty sleeping.

GET MOVING – short walks and particularly walks in nature are not only good to exercise the body, they also help the mind unwind. A US study found that walks in nature can help reduce negative thought loops and calm the mind. Exercise can also help you sleep better. Might they be prescribed by doctors in the future?

MAXIMISE RESULTS - To increase the effect, and normally when no ones watching, I will circle my arms whilst walking along to get some blood flowing into my shoulders. It makes me laugh to myself, and by the way, laughter is another great stress reliever. To fit this tip into your daily routine try walking to the shops instead of driving, taking a walk in your lunch break or, if you don’t live to far from work, walking there. If you need extra help reducing your stress levels contact DAWN Coaching & Therapy today.

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