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Coaching - Rachael’s Tuesday Stress Busting Tip

Be your own brilliant coach…

PIN POINT – Sit yourself down and pin point exactly what it is that is making you stressed. Is it a relationship issue, a challenging project, too much to do? Usually the first thing that pops into your head is the most likely source.

COACH YOURSELF – Imagine being a great coach to yourself; a practical, friendly and well-balanced coach that you respect. Maybe it’s someone you know? What would they say about the situation, what practical steps could be taken to reduce the level of stress associated with the situation, what other options do you have, who can you turn to for advice and help?

TAKE ACTION – Our minds love action. Take the practical steps you decided on to reduce stress associated with your situation. If you can’t take action that day, write it down along with the date you will take the action, put it to one side until needed. This helps stop the mind re-thinking about the situation as you already have an action plan in place. If you need extra help reducing your stress levels contact DAWN Coaching & Therapy today.

Stress Busting Tips brought to you by Rachael of DAWN Coaching & Therapy.

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