• Rachael Williams

STOP - Rachael’s Tuesday Stress Busting Tip

Sometimes it can take a while to notice we are stressed. STOP stress in its tracks by learning to recognize the signs…

AWARENESS – Becoming aware that you are stressed is the first step in taking steps to STOP stress in its tracks. Learn to recognize the first signs of stress as they start to appear. These could include:

· Feeling agitated or moody

· Feeling overwhelmed

· Struggling to relax or overthinking things

· Difficulty sleeping

· Holding tension in the body, clenching the jaw or fists

· Headaches or an upset stomach

STOP – As soon as you become aware that stress may be creeping in STOP. Create distance from the situation. Break the state by taking a break, do something different, even if for a short time. Take time to make a cup of tea, go for a walk, take some exercise or talk to a friend or colleague. To enhance results do something that you really love or that makes you laugh.

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