• Rachael Williams

Work-Life Balance - Rachael’s Stress Busting Tips

Feeling stressed? How much time do you devote to relaxing and enjoying your social time? Develop your work-life balance to combat stress.

BALANCE – Taking steps to create balance in your life can help reduce the effects of stress and pressure. Take the time to reflect on how much time you actually spend doing activities that you enjoy.

AND RELAX – Create time in your life to do those things you enjoy. Take the time to look after yourself.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Relax by taking a bath, reading a book, treating yourself to a massage

  • Build your social connections; spend time with family or friends who make you laugh and help give you a sense of perspective

  • Try a new hobby or interest that is completely different from the situation that is causing you stress – how about trying yoga or a jewelry making class?

You are important. Give yourself the gift of relaxation time that makes you happy.

If you need support reducing your stress levels contact DAWN Coaching & Therapy today.

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