• Rachael Williams

Technology - Rachael’s Tuesday Stress Busting Tip

Has technology taken over your life? Does this impact your sleep or cause stress and anxiety? Cut down to calm down with the below tips…

CHECK – Do you find yourself checking emails or flicking through social media all the time? Maybe late at night? Does this impact your sleep, cause stress and anxiety or your mind to whirl with thoughts?

REGAIN CONTROL – If this is the case cut down on your technology usage using the below suggestions:

· Give yourself a limited period of usage each day

· Turn off sound notifications on emails or social media feeds

· Turn off your technology an hour before bedtime to allow your mind the time to unwind before you want to fall asleep

· Did you know that the blue light from products such as smart phones or tablets can affect our ability to fall asleep at night? Some manufacturers have introduced a ‘night shift’ mode on their products which can be used during night time hours to reduce the amount of blue light emitted from their products. Give it a go.

Give your mind a break by reducing your technology usage today.

If you need support reducing your stress levels contact DAWN Coaching & Therapy today.

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