For Business

I asked Rachael if she could provide a coaching intervention to one of the key managers in our business, to support a return to work after experiencing burnout.


Rachael's background in psychology together with her vast experience in HR is a valuable combination. She was able to provide real understanding and insight to the situation and very quickly built a good rapport with both myself and the individual. 


Over 6 sessions, the positive impact on this person was very clear. Rachael's approach helped us work together to achieve a positive and sustained return to the business for this manager and we are all very grateful for her key part in this process.


I would absolutely recommend Rachael to work with any business. Her approach is engaging, empathetic and results focused and her business knowledge and experience brings added value to the services she has to offer.


Sally, Head of HR, Saint-Gobain Weber


Sleep Workshops

Rachael attended the Bedford College Group Staff Conference offering sleep clinic sessions for the staff. All session spaces were taken up like a shot. I think a lot of staff struggle with sleeping due to stress at work and at home but perhaps don’t know where to go to get help. The feedback from Rachael’s sessions have been brilliant and I know staff are feeling much more positive as a good night’s sleep is important to keep high energy throughout the day. I would certainly recommend Rachael and the sessions she provides to anyone on needing tips or help with sleeping.

Tasha Blades, Development and Quality Coordinator, Tresham College (Part of The Bedford College Group)

Feedback from Sleep Workshops


  • I know now how I can improve my sleep by changing the simple things I do

  • Tips and strategies on how to get a better nights sleep

  • Very informative and helpful

  • Great workshop

  • Really fascinating

  • Rachael is very knowledgeable and informative

  • Great delivery


Thresham College, Part of the Bedford College


I've had 2 sessions for my insomnia that I've suffered with for 15 months, it's helped me massively! Thank you so much.


Toni, Balderton.


Stress Management 


I have been to see Rachael a few times re negative thoughts, stress management and constant worrying. She has a very relaxed and unusual approach with practical real life exercises which really help and do work. It has made me view things from a different perspective and realise that there is help out there for problems that you think can't be solved. Highly recommended. 


John, Newark



My employer arranged for me to have some coaching sessions with Rachael as I was suffering from burnout at work and other personal issues. I previously had counselling to deal with the anxiety and depression I was suffering from but this didn’t really help. However, I found Rachael’s coaching sessions really valuable. With Rachael’s background previously being in what I would call the corporate world, Rachael understands what it can be like working fast pace roles and being overwhelmed. Rachael gave me practical tips and coping strategies to try and really challenge myself on some of my thoughts and feelings that had been affected by chronic tiredness and depression. With Rachael’s help I successfully returned to work with a good understanding of what I need to do differently with some real life practical ways to manage work and life.


Thank you for all your help.


Steve, Planning Manager


Coaching Session


I have a hectic life – a full time job with a lot of responsibility and time needed for working outside of the day to day hours, an 18 month old son and I was about to begin studying towards a MSc qualification. I didn’t have any spare time for me or my family anyway so I needed help figuring out how I would find time for something else and the stress of thinking about this was making the situation much worse. I was worrying all the time, finding it hard to concentrate on other things and I felt in a low mood most of the time. and I couldn’t relax in the evenings and I was beginning to think that the studying wouldn’t be possible and considering turning down the opportunity. After a coaching session with Rachael, the problem seemed much clearer. We talked through the problem areas. Rachael helped me to see things differently and break down the problem areas manageable chunks. She helped me remember why I wanted to take the opportunity in the first place and how important it was for my career and future. I had lost sight of that. She was the first person I could speak openly to without feeling that they had their own opinions of my situation. I was able to feel positive about what was ahead of me. The worry has disappeared and I had a clear plan of the things I could do to help myself and I did. I began to relax about the situation and my outlook was completely altered. What Rachael did for me was very effective and I would highly recommend seeing her for her coaching skills.


Hayley, Worksop


Phobia (1 Session)


I first visited Rachael for a session to help my phobia of blood, which I have had for as long as I can remember and really took over my life.
It meant that I couldn't have blood tests. Also anytime I saw blood, either mine or someone else's, I would become light headed and in most cases pass out. Also I couldn't go and see my Mum at work as she works in a hospital and I couldn't face going onto the ward.
After having my session with Rachael I have finally been able to go to the hospital, walk down the ward and not feel dizzy or faint at all. It's such a relief and feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders to know that I have beaten my phobia. I would like to say a massive thank you to Rachael for her amazing work.


Katie, Newark.


Weight loss and Relaxation


I have been working with Rachael for some time now. I highly recommend her services. The initial consultation worked well to establish goals and timelines. One food I couldn't resist is crisps and we worked on a different way of thinking about them. The sounds they make when you open a packet, what they tasted like and how eating them made me feel.


The hypnosis sessions were very relaxing. Rachael has a very relaxed approach and it was easy to feel very comfy. The hypnosis recordings have worked well for me… and as for my attitude in general, I am a lot more relaxed to the general day to day life of a single working mother with four children! I'm more prepared to discuss and negotiate than to simply shout and order.


The results have been tremendous, I have now lost 1st12lbs but without the guilt feelings and total strict diet. I eat much slower and smaller portions than the rest of the family. I eat normal food, as in that I'm not cooking separate diet foods for me and other meals for the family. My whole attitude has changed towards food and our eating habits as a family.


If I have a special occasion concerning food I'm more relaxed to it and have stopped beating myself up with guilt , I know I'll get there , I just know I will. It's far easier to get back on track rather than blowing one day then blowing the whole week.


As for my crisp addiction ..... I've not eaten a bag since!!


Jackie, Newark.

Breakthrough Session (1 Full Day)


I have just recieved a full Breakthrough Session with this amazing lady. A breakthrough session consists of intense questioning, accompanied with coaching, then the coach/therapist identifies what further tools/techniques will be required to make a significant shift in your mindset. This is intensive over several hours.


I have struggled with my weight, all my life. Within the first two hours I had what is referred to as a "light bulb moment" (breakthrough) and the impact this has had on me over the last few days is phenomenal. Rachael went on to competently elicit my values, regarding my weight issues and then followed with a hypnotherapy session. Finally finished off with a clear plan, formulated by myself, fully supported by Rachael. Rachael is very professional, knowledgeable and works with integrity, you will have amazing results.


Devina, Barnsley.