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Nighttime overthinking – can someone please invent an off switch!

Nighttime overthinking – can someone please invent an off switch!


So we’ve all been there, lying in bed at night, our minds whirring with thoughts of what could have, should have or ought to be. Sometimes I wish my brain had an off switch! Ultimately our minds are designed by nature to think, to work out how to solve problems. That’s great, we wouldn’t get very far if they didn’t have that ability.


During the day we engross ourselves in work, family, friends, TV, social media, doing things. How many times during the day do we give our minds the chance to wonder, to deal with and solve a nagging problem, to dream, to get excited by the future? For many people it’s not that often. So when it comes to bedtime and our mind finally has some free thinking time, it will take its chance.


Give your mind some free time to think prior to bed time, away from the bedroom. Write down your actions/ideas/thoughts on paper that way you don’t need to keep juggling them in your head. Writing it down creates distance and perspective from emotionally charged thoughts.


In the run up to bedtime do things that calm your mind for example:

  • Listen to some music that calms you

  • Use meditation. I love guided meditation, particularly one which focuses on relaxing the body and mind

  • Vividly remember a happy, relaxing memory or create a new one for a brilliant future - engross yourself in what you see, hear, touch, smell and taste in it. This allows your mind and all your senses to focus on being happy and calm.

  • Take a relaxing bath

  • Draw a picture. I have a toddler and so have recently found myself taking up the art of drawing with her, but you know what, I love it. My mind is free from thought and engrossed in colouring.

  • Read a relaxing, happy book

Give it a go and see what works for you.

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